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What is shelf rental?

Rather than following traditional wholesale purchasing models, we revolutionize the process by offering a unique solution: de-risking inventory through our innovative shelf-space rental approach. This strategy benefits both brands and retailers, creating a win-win situation.

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What we do

Shelfleet is a B2B shelf rental platform, allowing brands to discover, connect, and rent retail shelf space from existing storefronts as a way to gain an immediate and cost-effective physical presence. We offer brands the opportunity to effortlessly explore, establish connections, and rent retail shelf space from pre-existing storefronts, serving as an efficient and affordable means to establish an instant physical presence. By facilitating collaboration between brands and retailers, Shelfleet enhances shopping experiences for everyone involved, leveraging existing infrastructures for mutual benefit.

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"Anact is super excited to partner with Shelfleet to streamline the wholesale process by testing retail shelf space in a more affordable and less cumbersome way. Collette has been a dream to work with and is open to brand feedback as Shelfleet grows and expands!"


Founder of Anact

"Shelfleet has opened up new possibilities for my brand and allowed me to focus more on my product and not spending time finding new sales channels."


Founder of Em. Swimwear

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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT
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